Friesland Food Campina

Lattiz refill pack EASY activation system

Close co-operation with the FFC-development team, Studio Fons Broes & Ontwerpburo Verhoeven

Lattiz is a professional machine to create perfect milk foam for the professional market. A refill-packaging with disposable connector (dosing system that also creates the foam) can deliver up to 140 cappuccinos.

By replacing the refill packs the new pack has to be activated in a hygienic way. Handling and activation has been improved by this new design.

The handling and placement of the refill-pack is improved by being more intuitive and reduced handling steps that lead to a reduction of possible ‘mistakes’.

The easy activation of the connector is simplified by only rotating the connector by 90 degrees. This clever system does not only function very well but is protected granted by a patent for Pepper Design.