Pepper Design Services

Pepper Design is a full service agency for innovative product and packaging design

Pepper Design services:

  1. Idea generation (Angled brainstorming)
  2. Product & packaging development
  3. Model & Mock-up support
  4. Mobile Workshop (make mock-up’s on location during idea generation sessions)
  5. Engineering
  6. Interim packaging and project support

Pepper Design can offer a full service from the very early stage of a project until the realization of the project but also dedicated support in separate phases of a project.

For each phase a plan is made and resources are allocated. Overall we offer a pragmatic and efficient way of working in close cooperation with the project members involved.

1. Pepper Design services: Idea generation

Scheme Angles & Creating Concepts

Generating ideas by the Angled-brainstorm-session, a method to combine successfull ideas with consumer insights, content, brand strategy and technological possibilities!

Pepper Design facilitates brainstorm sessions and undertakes market-research: what is new and upcoming, where are opportunities to be found?

2. Pepper Design services: Product & packaging design

Banner 'Product & Packaging design'

A analysis will be made to create a solid base for the project and list requirements and project expectations:

  • Project definition (including must-haves and nice-to-0haves)
  • List consumer insights & hidden consumer need
  • Project specifications: technical demands; production, factory demands, logistics etc
  1. Concepts will be generated in clear ideas and innovative product concepts.
  2. In an early stage drawings and (handmade) models will be made for an initial indication of shape, size, ergonomics, functionalities, feasibility and brand.
  3. After a process of selection and improvement a final route will be upgraded and turned into feasible product ready for production.

Banner Kiwi shoe care mock-up

3. Pepper Design services:  Model & mock-up support

Banner 'Direct feedback on look & feel'

Pepper Design can prepare mock-up’s in order to check 3-Dimensional concepts. The execution of the mock-up depends on the purpose:

  • Quick mock-up to review first impression (ergonomics, size impression, on shelf etc) and comparison
  • Design routes, impression vs competition, this is a great tool in the early stage of a project and changes are easily made
  • Functional mock-up to review technical principals or for functional tests (function, line test etc.)
  • High quality mock-ups to research design, aesthetics (internal or consumer research). It is possible to include elements: labels, colours / textures, include (fake) content (formulation etc.)

Banner- 4 different mock-ups

4. Pepper Design services:  Engineering

Banner 'Feasible product from start to launch'

We co-operate with an engineering agency specialized in designing for functionality, production and cost efficient, therefore we can offer:

  • Technical creativity in solving problems and technical design
  • Material knowledge and understanding of production and manufacturing processes
  • Product development with 3D cad system Pro-E
  • Mould flow simulations
  • Final element analysis
  • Rapid prototyping
  • Development, preparation and testing of simulation models
  • (Pilot) mould construction expertise
  • Risk assessments (FMEA)
  • Tolerance studies

5. Pepper Design services:  Interim packaging & project management

Banner 'Recourses-when-needed'

  • Interim support when needed.
  • Working together in cross function innovation teams from Marketing, R&D, Engineering, Supply Chain and Finance.

6. Pepper Design services:   Mobile Workshop Pepper Design

Banner 'Turn ideas into products, on location'

The mobile workshop is a method for supporting Innovative Product Development.
On location concepts can be translating immediately into rough concept ideas (verbal / text) in drawing and touchable mock-up (painted 3D foam model).
Touchable results within hours!

Advantages, initial impression of:

  • Size and shape
  • Technology
  • Ergonomics / handling
  • Consumer benefits
  • Brand
  • User interface

The sketch/model helps the internal discussion, pin pointing areas of improvement in a quick and efficient  way.

Banner Sketch and test